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THE PIPE THREADING MACHINES are designed to give maximum efficiency and reliable performance under the most severe conditions of service with minimum maintenance cost. All the necessery requirement are combind in this model to from the basic fundamentals of correct threadings. All the gears are made of case hardened steel with extra large face with and tooth thickness and cut on hobbing machine for noiseless operation even at high speed. Naturally the are built with high standards of workmanship, material and quality so closely associated with COMPANY TRADITION.

HEAD STROCK: The head stock is of top quality casting providing support to the spindle bearings. The spindle swing on taper roller bearing are of best steel with agrounded finish to give accurate results. Gearsof head stock are running in oil bath with oil level window.

THE BED: The bed is piller type having two pillers made of best steel, nicely grounded & hard chrome plated and also aligned accurately to the head stock alignment.

THE SADDLE: The saddle is fitted on two pillers very precisely, it runs on pillers very smoothly and accurately to the head stock alignment.

THE APRON: The apron gives movement to the saddle towards head trevers alongwith pillers through steels rack and pinion arrangements. Its all gears are made of best steel.

VICE JAWS: The vice jaws are fitted on the saddle with pillar type clamp (Hydraulically or Pneumatically). The jaws are made of best steel and are well hardened. The movements of jaws are controlled by a screw on the saddle.